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Top Online Casinos - Best bet casino jacksonville fl - The worst bets are often made the most attractive, colorful and appealing. When you depend upon guesswork, you are playing right into their hands. So, what other alternative is there.

Best Bet Casino Jacksonville Fl

best bet casino jacksonville fl

Your Guide for Buying Clay Composite Poker Chips Due to the increasing popularity of poker many people are looking to recycle those plastic weightless chips for affordable clay composite poker chips. There is also some confusion on the term clay composite. Clay composite is also referred to as composite poker best bet casino jacksonville fl and ABS plastic chips. In this featured article I will give you valuable information to make an informed decision on purchasing these inexpensive clay composite poker chips.

Clay Composite Construction and Styles Clay composite poker chips are most recognizable as suited, royal suited, super diamond, deluxe pyramid, dice, and tri-color. These composite chips weigh 8 grams or less but typically come in 11. 5 gram to 14 gram varieties. The construction of these chips are made of a metal inserted into a plastic injection. A good way to tell if your poker chip contains a metal insert, is to grab a magnet and hold it near the chip. These poker chips have a hard plastic feel to them and makes a "clink" sound when dropped. My first set of poker chips were the dice style poker chips. I bought a 1000 piece poker chip set only because I enjoy hosting home poker tournaments with 10 or more people. If your looking to spend very little on poker chips, these are the poker chips to get.

If you enjoy doing chip tricks to impress your friends for example chip shuffling, you will find that difficult to learn or do with these hard plastic chips. With chip shuffling this requires some cohesion between the chip surfaces. I once bought a poker chip set for a brother in-law for Christmas and I bought him the tri-color chips weighing in at approximately 14 grams. These chips are approximately 10cents more per chip than other clay composite chips.

What appealed to me was they felt and sound more authentic than the hard plastic chips, and best of all I could easily shuffle large stacks of chips. Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Poker Chips Advantages of Clay Composite Poker Chips o price -. 10 to. 35 each o readily available for shipment o durable - last for several years Disadvantages of Clay Composite Poker Chips o difficult to do chip tricks other than the Tri - Color chips o not secure anyone could walk into a tournament with the same chips If you're new to hosting home game tournaments held at your place or it's your first time buying poker chips, your best bet is purchasing clay composite poker chips. You will get great value for these poker chips and they will last a life time.

My top rankings go to the tri-color poker chips which give you an authentic feel and sound comparable to clay poker chips (i. Paulson Poker Chips) used in casinos' today. Written by the team at Specializing in the supply of poker chip products shipped throughout North America. Discount prices on poker chips and free shipping in the continental U. New technology is slowly rolling across the globe that will not only make cashless gaming system more secure, but also add features that will improve the customer experience in casinos - provided casinos are willing to pay the extra cost.

The technology is the smart card which, already being used best bet casino jacksonville fl casinos in Europe and elsewhere, and has begun to appear in North America, goes one better the magstripe cards still used in many casinos worldwide. The main difference between the two cards is how they store information. Mag-stripe cards maintain customer information on a back-end computer, with which the card must link in order to make a transaction. Smart Cards have best bet casino jacksonville fl embedded microchip in which all data is stored and thus can facilitate transactions even when there is no link to a back-end computer. The initial use of Smart Card technology in U.

casinos will be in player tracking cards. While enabling customers to play slot machines and other games in a cashless environment, the smart player cards also will store information about the guest - including his favorite games and wagering patterns - which casinos can use to promote future visits. Such a card is currently being introduced in the U. market by IGT Network Systems, Las Vegas. IGT, which brought TITO (Ticket-InTicket-Out systems) to the gaming floor a decade ago with its EZ Pay System, recently expanded the line to include the EZ Pay Smart Card, on which all cash values are stored on a microchip embedded in the card. When this card is plugged into a slot machine, the stored cash value is instantly altered with each play, deducting cash value with each loss and adding sums with each win.

This eliminates the need to take winnings on TITO tickets for cashing at teller stations or automated kiosks, he noted. In a smart card gaming system values are moved with the card from machine to machine, and the card maintains the value even during power outages. An advantage of the EZ Pay Smart Cards is that it offers an extra level of security to players. With ordinary credit and debit cards, the magnetic numbers are transferred in an online link, and thus can be copied by anyone willing to invest in the technology.

But the Smart Card only moves funds in an offline link, so magnetic numbers only move to the game and back. Schooler, Nick "Already in Use Worldwide, Smart Cards Are Coming to North American Casinos. " Already in Use Worldwide, Smart Cards Are Coming to North American Casinos. Schooler, N. (2009, November 3). Already in Use Worldwide, Smart Cards Are Coming best bet casino jacksonville fl North American Casinos. Almost free vacations are rare and far between. In fact, the closest you can ever come to free vacations is by getting good discounts on your travel packages. While as the idea of almost free holidays are easily touted by tour best bet casino jacksonville fl companies, it always takes a lot of wisdom to get one.

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