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There are only 10 spades available bonus code no deposit casino can help your hand as the 5, 7, and K of spades would pair cards you already have and therefore would not improve your hand. If you were to hit your Badugi on a draw, the odds are still against you wining the pot if several players stay in the hand until the end. Your K-high Badugi would lose to any Badugi with a high card lower than the King. If you draw no cards to improve your hand, then you end up with a 3-card K-7-5, which is a sure loser. Knowing this to be true, most players would discard both Kings in the above example. This strategy leaves them with needing to draw 2 usable cards to complete their Badugi and does not guarantee that they will have a low Badugi. The player who chooses to keep the 3-card hand may still end up with a winner as he might draw a low heart to replace the K in an early draw, then hit a low, usable spade in a later draw.

Complicated, isn't it. In my experience, you should shoot for an 8-high Badugi or lower. Nine or 10-high is risky and anything higher is probably going to lose if there are several players in the hand. Betting Strategy Players love to chase hands in low-limit Badugi, more so than in No-limit Texas Hold'em. I'm guilty of chasing more often than I should. You can use this to your advantage to increase the size of your winning pots. You must pay attention to how many cards players are drawing each round. Are they drawing 2 or more cards or are they drawing only one. Did they draw less cards the second round then they bonus code no deposit casino the first. Is anyone standing pat and not drawing any cards. These are all clues you can use to determine your hand's chances of winning.

A player who stands pat on the first or second draw probably has a Badugi, but it may not be a low Badugi. If you have a 7-high or lower 3-card hand, you would want to stay in the game until after the third draw on the hopes of hitting a lower Badugi. Many players will stay in with even higher 3-card hands and they are the ones who usually end up losing their chips. The key to success in Badugi is to make players pay to stay in a hand when you are strong.

If everyone is still bonus code no deposit casino cards and you have a 5-high 3-card hand or better, or you have a Badugi, then you need to be betting and raising. Do not let anyone get free cards. Any player you get to fold by your aggressive betting increases you chance of raking in the pot. Bluffing can also be effective in Badugi, especially when you are in position. I will address bluffing in a future article. This post is nowhere near being a comprehensive guide to Badugi poker. I suggest that you go to an online site like and try the game on a play- money table. This is a great way to learn the game and develop your own strategy. If you have a great poker story to share or questions about Badugi or other poker games, visit my blog.

So you think you're a good online poker player. Then chances are that you have mastered a critical skill required to compete in the challenges put forth in the free wheeling, table hopping, limit to limit fluctuations, cash games to tournament games provided to poker players in online poker rooms. What is that very essential talent. It is the ART of bankroll management. Skilled poker players flourish in a good game of strategy and relish the competition.

For online poker players who choose to play poker for a living, bankroll management is the most significant strategic aspect of each players overall skill set. Professional pokers learn to hone these skills each and every time a hand is dealt. There are a few beneficial tips for ambitious players to promote vigorous bankroll management. Online poker rooms provide a whirl wind of possibilities to utilize your poker bankroll.

There are a multitude of tables that can be played simultaneously. Here is an obvious tip. Simultaneous play requires a keen focus, simultaneous and continuous competitive play and a simultaneous and high stakes bankroll. If you can not maintain focus, competitive play and a high stakes bankroll at each table then you will spread yourself and your bankroll to thin. Playing multiple tables can lead to multiple losses if your skills are compromised.

Use common sense here and manage your play with the resources that are available to you. New online poker players are advised to find live events to participate in on a regular basis to practice practical application of bankroll management. In most online poker events there is one advantage which is the bonus. That bonus can benefit your bankroll significantly; you will have to check both affiliates and online poker rooms to find the best online poker bonus code no deposit casino for your bankroll.

This is noteworthy aspect of choosing an online poker room, for more detailed information about that go to BankrollBoost. Catrina Rudd is a bonus code no deposit casino and advocate of online poker and the freedom to play the incredible and intensive game. This writing mom can be seen online at - If you like the quality of the work, visit the site or - to place an order email catrina1 Anyone who has a banner printed is going to need banner hangers to display that banner. Designing and having a wonderful banner printed is only half the way to getting bonus code no deposit casino message across.

It needs to be displayed effectively in the right places for people to see it and take note.

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