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You do not need to create a username or password, nor do you need to provide an email address or your age. Chatroulette embraces the concept of absolute anonymity, which accounts for a large part of the website's appeal. Chatroulette's popularity, as well as its infamous reputation, has grown exponentially since its d├ębut in November of 2009. A web camera is required to play, but you can only view whatever your partner chooses to show you on their side of the camera - face, body, inanimate object - it's their decision.

Their camera shot is depicted on the left side of the computer screen, and directly below theirs is your own. On the right of the screen your conversation is recorded. If you become sick, bored, or revolted by your current partner, you may click the "next" button at the top of the page, and poof, your chatting partner disappears, and is replaced with another. It's a gamble of a game indeed. There are only two rules. You must be sixteen or older to play, and you must remain clothed at all times. Though these may seem like reasonable rules, expected even, not all visitors strictly adhere to them.

The majority of the people I see on Chatroulette are either naked, half-naked, want to be naked, or free internet casinoslots like you to be naked. Those who wish to follow free internet casinoslots rules with devout enthusiasm frequent the "report" button which is used to prevent inappropriate behavior. If three people report you within five minutes you will be blocked from the site for ten minutes. This may seem like a mild punishment, but for those who get their fix by exposing themselves on the Internet, a ten-minute ban can be extremely harsh. Or so I would assume. For the entire month of March I was wholly obsessed with Chatroulette. It began when a friend came over for a party, and instead of talking to us, spent the majority of the night on my computer. She beckoned for us to join her, but at that time we knew free internet casinoslots of Chatroulette.

All we knew was that with her tucked away in the back of the apartment, it was a heck of a lot quieter up front where we were. Occasionally she bellowed from the room, "Come quick. There's a cute guy from Germany!" but she focused the greater part of her attention on the glowing screen. Perhaps it was weak self-control, or perhaps the lure of Chatroulette was simply too free internet casinoslots to deny. Either way, I too fell under its spell. As such, March was a very sleepless month. Chatroulette rapidly became my one and only addiction.

It cured boredom and loneliness, and transformed the mundane. Free internet casinoslots was a miracle worker. It was evident we were going to be fast friends. I designed a routine for my nights that centered around Chatroulette. First, and with the least amount of attention given to it, was schoolwork. Second in line was prep time. Chatrouletting was a serious business. Proper steps had to be taken to ensure camera readiness. Makeup, hair, jewelry, and lighting all had to be attended to in order to best present myself to the stranger on the other side of the camera. Third was the task of finding the right person to spend my night with.

I preferred long conversations with one person, rather than several shorter conversations with multiple people. As such, I had to choose wisely. I was overly passionate, and perhaps too serious, in this endeavor. I would search out my temporary companions with the intensity of a free internet casinoslots swimming upstream. Tricks of the Trade I have clocked enough hours on Chatroulette to be able to call myself a Chatroulette Pro, and as such I would like to give you, prospective visitors of the site, some guidelines to follow (or not) during your chatting experience, if you so choose to have one. First off, be wary of: People who do not show their face on camera--this is for two reasons: a) If they don't trust you enough to show their face, then why should you trust them.

b) There is a good possibility they are trying to lure you into a false sense of security and as soon as you let your guard down and type so much as a "what's up?" they will flash you. Someone who is already half naked--for obvious reasons. Older men--there are older men that might remind you of your grandfather and trigger a fondness within you. That is, until the free internet casinoslots on your screen pulls out his wanger and his mouth crinkles into a hopeful grin. Free internet casinoslots can't click "next" fast enough. This experience sticks with you, tainting all other conversations with the elderly, no matter their intentions. Someone who is sitting in a dimly lit room--ambiance is the last thing you want to encourage on a chat site that attracts enough perverts as it is without mood lighting.

These may seem like rudimentary guidelines, not even worth mentioning, but it is very easy to underestimate the perverted quality of some of the people on the site. In this case, I figure it's better safe than sorry. Second: have your conversational questions etched into your brain or written on a post-it note next to your computer--whichever is more accessible for you. Awkward silences, no matter the forum, are never good. Some classic starter questions for your convenience are: How are you.

Where are you from. How do you like Chatroulette. How long have you been doing it for. A lot of dicks on here, huh. How old are you.

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