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Play Online Bingo For Money Looking for a Bingo Game. Look at the Online Bingo Reviews Online Lottery or Online Bingo. Is it Money Down the Pan Either Way. The bingo industry has been dealt a blow by the Governments 2009 budget, even though it cam just 24 hours after the Bingo Association stated that the Government are sympathetic towards the industry. The government has taken away VAT and brought in partial exemption for bingo clubs, however it has put a stop to the VAT reclaims which currently provide a huge relief to the tax burden of the bingo clubs. An increase of nearly 50 has been levied on GPT which rises to 22 from 15.

Some in the industry are pointing to this as an attempt by the government to place an even heavier tax burden on a struggling industry. Some bingo games, such as prize for cash games, were previously given VAT exempt status; under new proposals however the tax rate would rise from its current 15 to 22. It has also been revealed that VAT is exempt for bingo rather than the Zero rating that many in the industry have been asking for. Ian Burke the chief executive for Rank (Mecca Bingo) commented recently in the Daily Telegraph " I don't understand what the UK land Bingo Industry has free online casino video slots no download to justify the government's vindictiveness.

" For many years the Treasury have been claiming that bingo has been fairly taxed and that it should be paying VAT and bingo tax (GPT) along with other forms of gambling such as bookmakers. However many are now questioning why the bingo industry should be paying 22 while bookmakers continue to pay just 15. Some are pointing out how bingo plays are larger role in the local community and has a history of having many less problem gamblers compared to other for games, so should not be penalized more. The news of the tax hike has already hit some bingo operators. Shares in the bingo group Rank dropped by almost 14 after it stated that the increase in tax could result in a £6 million hit on its profits and as much as £9 million on an annual basis in the future.

The profit projections for the group have now been down graded. For 2009 the group were predicating pretax profits of £40. 3million which has now been downgraded to £34million while 2010 forecast has gone from £41million to £32. 5million. Online bingo seems to have escaped much of the tax increases placed on land based bingo thanks to the fact that the majority of online operators are actually based overseas. Those who are based in the UK will see an extra 7 of there income go into government coffers. This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Bingosupermarket where you can play bingo online thanks to our guides, reviews, bingo news and special offer where you can play free bingo.

For those who want to have a have a complete entertainment package for their home, the best option is to buy a slot machine that will enhance the entertainment quotient of the house. In case you are wondering what can make your guests stay occupied for hours and hours, buying a slot machine is the answer. Not just any slot machine but only the Bingo Skill Stop Slot Machine that is craze among people of all ages. These machines are the ultimate in the home entertainment sector, the best part is that these machines are not built to for the home users but actually after a one to two year service the international casinos they are refurbished and sent to be used by private owners.

Every single machine comes with a two year warranty on the all the parts except the light bulbs, which need to be changed by the owner himself if any one of them goes out. After the machine is shipped at your doorstep, all you need to do is take it out of the box, plug it into a 100-volt power outlet and you will be ready to play. These machines do not require being installed y using complex procedures. The company provides the owners with a key that gives complete access of the slot machine to the owners. The machine ha al the feeling of the real thing with lights and sounds that make the entire feeling of the casino come at your doorstep. The Bingo Skill Stop Slot Machine has a video monitor that provides the users with the ultimate slot machine experience. The factory provides custom-made labels by the side of the machine so that the user encounters no difficulty in finding the reset button, the power button and the volume control buttons.

The machine comes with a complete user's manual that gives the user a basic knowledge on how to take care of the machine and how to tweak minor problems. Besides the company also provided the user with a toll free number where they can call any time they like to get free technical assistance. After the machines are shipped from Japan, they are taken to the factory for a complete overhauling. After reaching the factory, the cabinets are filed and they are repainted to re establish the slot machine in its original glory. After that has been done the electrical circuits of the Bingo Skill Free online casino video slots no download Slot Machine are checked to find out some discrepancies, the electrical circuits are then overhauled to give the users a complete experience.

The Bingo Skill Stop Slot Machine has three buttons in the front; these buttons are used to stop the reels from rolling. The one-armed bandit slot machines that have a pull down lever on one side are not the same as the skill stop machines, so if the user tries to install a lever with the skill stop machine the warranty will get void. The machine can be used to play with tokens and the provision for playing with coins is still not available. The online bingo industry began with the launch of the first site in 1996. It was quickly followed by other sites and today there are hundreds of online playing free online casino video slots no download offering varying entertainment packages for their members.

When it became legal for sites to be licensed in the United Kingdom, many new sites appeared and today there are more than three hundred sites licensed in the United Kingdom alone. UK bingo sites look just like other bingo sites. Most offer the ninety number version of the game although many of them are beginning to offer the seventy five number version of the game. They offer a variety of bingo game variations and some offer the abbreviated version of the game.

The UK bingo sites offer a variety of bonuses and run promotions just as other online playing sites do.