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When you buy a 500 Piece Poker Set you will want one that is truly special and memorable. Why not look into those sets produced by Paulson and Tophat since they can deliver on both of these regards. Creating the perfect mood for your home games is important, and one of the best ways of doing this is by choosing some good music to listen to. With the advent of MP3 players and streaming software like Spotify this is now a lot easier than it used to be, and saves you the annoying job of leaving a hand to turn over Maryland live online slots record or change a CD. Now you can just plan a playlist and leave it playing throughout the night, and you won't have to leave your seat once. Except to go to the bathroom of course, I can't help you with that.

Planning a playlist can be difficult though, how should you go about it. Think Of Your Audience First of all, think about who is Maryland live online slots to be playing. If your 70 year-old neighbour is coming over, then he might not want to hear Snoop Doggy Dogg. Similarly a game full of 20 year-old college students will not react well to the Val Doonican Rocks, But Gently album. Try and include a little bit for everyone, and find some common ground, such as classic rock, or some good, non-intrusive jazz, which should fit in with everyone's tastes.

Be Eclectic You might end up having a massive ten hour session, so add some variety into your list. You don't want to be stuck listening to the same style of music, no matter how good it is. One of my rules of thumb is to start off with some good uptempo stuff, such as Motown Soul, or modern indie type stuff, or HipHop, then a bit of classic 60s70s rock, or Maryland live online slots good P-Funk type groove, some Frank SinatraRat-Pack Vegas music and then maybe ending up with some good jazz, like Miles Davis, or Charlie Mingus for the wee small hours when the sun is just rising. Don't Let The Music Maryland live online slots Over Remember why everyone is at your house. It's not to listen to your Peruvian Maryland live online slots music, or your collection of Death Metal.

It's to play poker. So remember to keep the playlist as strictly background music. Instrumental music is good for this, or ambient albums by artists like The Orb, Air, M83, Ulrich Schnauss, Brian Eno, Harold Budd etc. Have a Sense Of Humour Remember it's a long night, so try to inject some levity into proceedings. Songs from westerns, or James Bond movies are usually good ones, as they always evoke a certain atmosphere, of duels at high noon, or sophisticated spies playing poker for millions. Look for artists like Ennio Morricone, John Barry and other soundtrack artists for inspiration.

Some of the funnier songs from programs like Saturday Night Live might be good as well, though not too many, as comedy songs are much better in small amounts. Theme your list On my site, I use a lot of themes to make it more interesting. From Las Vegas, to songs with poker references in, to a French playlist, there are many themes you can browse for ideas. The best thing about using themes Maryland live online slots it makes adding tracks easy, as you can lead on to other songs easily. The best thing to remember is to just have fun with it, and put music you like on.

Your friends will probably be like-minded, and will enjoy your mix to. Good luck. Owen G is the owner ofa resource and forum for poker players looking to share and download playlists to play poker to. Griff, Owen "5 Ways To Create The Perfect Poker Playlist For Your Home Game. " 5 Ways To Create The Perfect Poker Playlist For Your Home Game. Griff, O. (2011, February 10). 5 Ways To Create The Perfect Poker Playlist For Your Home Game. In part 1 of this article, I discuss in detail the top 5 winning tactics that anyone can employ to kill the Sit-n-Gos at ANY online poker room. This article takes you through an example of exactly how you should be playing Sit-and-Go tournaments, depending on the number of players remaining in the game, in order to optimize your win rate.

At other sites, people are playing to finish "in-the-money". At PokerRoom, they tend to be gunning to win. Capitalize on this by setting traps deep in the game. Allow them to come to you Maryland live online slots take all their chips. Here's a "chart" which demonstrates what your strategy should be at each level of the 10-player Sit-n-Go tournament. Players In The Game 10-8 Players: At this stage in the game, you want to be very tight and very aggressive.

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