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If a doubling cube is in use, the game is thus worth twice the value of the doubling cube. So, for example if you are playing 10 per point and the doubling cube is set at 8, you win 10 x 2 x 8 160. If you bear off all your checkers before the other player has borne off any of theirs, and while they have at least one checker left in your home board or on the bar, you have 'backgammoned' your opponent. Ordinarily a backgammon is worth 3 points, or triple money. With the doubling cube in use the game is worth three times the value of the doubling cube. So in the example above a backgammon would win you the grand total of 10 x 3 x 8 240. The Beaver Rule - and other animals. The Beaver rule may often be used in money games, though not in match-play or tournaments.

Normally, when a player announces a double they lose control of the doubling cube. If the Beaver rule is being played, the player to whom the double has been offered can opt to immediately announce a redouble and still maintain control of the cube. This is called a 'beaver'. In some circumstances the players may agree to other animals being allowed in the game. This works as follows: Player One believes he has the upper hand and doubles Player Two feels this confidence is misplaced and immediately says 'Beaver!' and redoubles, turning the cube to 4 Player One is adamant of their superiority and redoubles again, calling 'Raccoon!' and moving the cube to 8.

Player Two could if he likes turn the cube again, naming some other creature. The Crawford rule The Crawford rule is another option which can be brought into a game. This states that if either player is just one point away from winning the match, the next game is played without the doubling cube. If the match is still not over after that game the doubling cube comes back in use. Online virtual casino blackjack bitcoin deposit reddit reason for this rule is that the weaker player is inclined to simply double and redouble because they have nothing to lose. They are seen as having an unfair opportunity to use the doubling cube to snatch victory against the run online virtual casino blackjack bitcoin deposit reddit play.

The Jacoby rule This optional rule is used only in money games. It states that a backgammon or gammon may not be scored as such once the doubling cube is in play. This is to avoid the possibility of one player taking a huge number of points in one game and skewing the match to an excessive degree. If historians have given the late 1700's and early 1800's the title of the "Industrial Revolution", we can well imagine that future historians are likely to call the late twentieth century and the early twenty-first century as the "Computer" or maybe the "Software Revolution.

" The amazingly rapid development of technology online virtual casino blackjack bitcoin deposit reddit resulted in dramatic changes in the way people work and shop and also in how they enjoy their leisure. Old pastimes that have been known for generations seem as if they are heading for extinction yet one of the oldest recorded games known to man, the backgammon board game, seems to be going from strength to strength. Rather than yielding ground to the deluge of video and other computerized games developed over the last two decades, backgammon has managed to find itself a secure place on the technological bandwagon.

At the center of the growing popularity of the game is the role of the many Internet sites offering free backgammon. As backgammon software brings backgammon into the twenty-first century the adaptability of this game to such a radically changes environment stands out in sharp contrast to the fate of many other leisure activities. For generations backgammon sets have provided people with a welcome means of relaxation, and a way of making some money for those who become well versed in backgammon strategy. Many people have learned how to play backgammon while at school and have went on to become regular players in matches with friends at the local café, or on a more serious level in backgammon clubs.

The game has also spawned a rich literature with books tracing the history of the game over five thousands years from its Middle Eastern origins, and other books describing classic games and providing tips online virtual casino blackjack bitcoin deposit reddit how to win. In this way the game has come to acquire millions of participants around the globe. Now that the game has been successfully adapted to an online format, the scope for growth in the player base and increase in the number of games played by experienced players is far greater than in any previous period.

Internet backgammon has removed the need to go out and look for a game to join. Online backgammon games are available around the clock. Even the time spent on backgammon setup is no longer required since with a click of the computer mouse, a backgammon download brings to your computer a game of backgammon set up and all ready to start. If a player wants to be reminded of any of the backgammon instructions, or maybe want to learn these for the first time, these sites have the required information prominently on display. Learning basic skills and strategy is also greatly facilitated by the chance of taking on a computerized opponent.

There is no more need to wait till online virtual casino blackjack bitcoin deposit reddit can find a suitable game to join.