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He then 'sells' out of his open trade at 59p, recording an impressive gross profit of £1,600. There are no commission charges or stamp duty payable, so the only deduction would be a small financing charge of approximately £10, leaving net profit of £1,590. So what's the downside. Well, gearing up your wins also potentially gears up your losses. It would be vital for Joe to get a 'stop loss' at 46p, so that if the price fell it would limit his overall loss to the £1,000 disposable income he has.

No Taxes Hard to believe, but absolutely true. UK legislation has long exempted gambling winnings from the tax charge, and as spread bets are legally gambling, all wins fall outside the charge to tax. So, assuming Average Joe has used up his CGT allowance in the year, and is a higher rate tax payer, he would pay 40 tax on his £134. 90, amounting to £53. 96, leaving him just £80. In contrast, the £1,590 profit from the spread bet would remain untouched. So what's the downside here. Whilst this may make the UK tax authorities sound very generous, the underlying reason is easy to understand if you take it in context. To bring gambling 'winnings' into the charge for tax, would require gambling 'losses' to be allowable tax deductions, something the authorities were not keen on.

So you should remember that losses on spread bets can not be used against profits you make elsewhere. Secondly, the first £10,000 of capital gains each year are tax free in any event, so the tax free benefit only arises on amounts over that. Finally, Capital Gains are taxed at the individuals highest rate of tax. So the 40 cost noted above only applies at the highest levels of income. No Play free slots with bonus games issues This is one of the benefits of spread betting that rarely get discussed and, unlike the first two points, doesn't have a real downside.

Let's leave aside currency risk for a moment, and look simply at transaction costs. You know how it is when you go on holiday and have to convert sterling into the currency of your destination. When you come home with what's left and change it back into sterling, the rate is never the same, is it. As with share prices, currencies are always quoted with a 'buy' and a 'sell' price, which is how the person translating that currency for you makes their money. Play free slots with bonus games, the stock broking companies understandably take a margin for having to translate into a foreign currency and back from that currency into sterling whenever you want to buy and sell a foreign stock.

In our example above, Average Joe purchased a UK stock, so he wasn't impacted. Play free slots with bonus games imagine the share was a US stock, such as Microsoft. He would have paid perhaps 1. 5 margin to get play free slots with bonus games US Dollars for the purchase (£15. 30) and then another 1. 5 margin to translate his sales proceeds back to Sterling (£17. 70). These additional costs of £33.

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