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Online Casino Ratings - Popular casino games vegas: In the computer market, you will find dozens of brands of graphics cards. But most computer users worldwide rely upon two chip set manufacturers which are used in graphics cards. These companies are ATI and NVIDIA and they produce chip sets which are known as Graphics Processing Units (GPU). These GPUs are the most fundamental element of a graphics card.

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He has also written dozens of articles both online and in print. Please visit the website In Part 1, we reviewed some mainstream and popular athletes who had gone the gluten-free route. The experiences that they shared showed a perceived improvement in performance on a gluten free diet. These athletes were not diagnosed with celiac disease. So, what gives. There are several potential reasons why the athletes may have in fact shown improved performance. These are essentially educated guesses, as we don't really KNOW. The sciency reasons: 1- The athletes were undiagnosed, but had celiac disease. The statistics for celiac disease, and the numbers of undiagnosed, stagger me every time. Approximately 1 of the population (in the US, Canada and Europe) is estimated to have celiac disease.

Here's the kicker-95 of those are undiagnosed. It's very feasible that some of these athletes have been walking around with celiac disease and didn't know it. Put them on a gluten free diet and all kinds of magic happens. We'll talk about the magic in a bit. 2- The athletes were gluten sensitive. This is a bit of a can of worms. "Gluten sensitivity" is a big umbrella term that covers a bunch of stuff. Celiac disease falls under this umbrella. However, as we are learning, celiac disease as it is currently diagnosed only refers to damage to the small intestine, which is also referred to as gluten sensitive enteropathy.

Gluten can cause damage to many other areas of the body, not just the gastrointestinal system (your guts, for easy reference:) Gluten sensitive neuropathy (nervous system-brain and peripheral popular casino games vegas is recognized as being the most common. However, gluten can affect many other systems of the body. A study performed in Iceland back in 1992 showed that 25 of the randomly selected 200 participants (48) showed high levels of gliadin antibodies. Antibodies are produced when the body mounts an attack against the offending invader-in this case, gliadin, the a portion of the gluten protein. 14 of these 48 people also had gluten sensitive enteropathy, or what is commonly referred to as celiac disease-gluten sensitivity of the gut. 25 is a lot of people to show a form of gluten intolerance.

I've heard varying numbers and statistics thrown around for gluten sensitivity, even as high as 70. This is difficult to pin down though. Interestingly, popular casino games vegas study published in the journal Gut in 2007 (frustratingly, I could not access the free full text, but the summary only-luckily there was an article that covered it on ) showed all NON-CELIAC participants in the study showed an antibody response when challenged with gliadin. All of 'em. Not some, all. And that brings us to. 3- Eliminating gluten can popular casino games vegas positive effects for all. I'm going to preface this by saying that more research needs to be done, before the wheat growers association (I made that up, I don't know that an organization by that name exists, but I'm sure there is one to that effect) comes and sues me.