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Yes. But in 25 years of gambling, I win more than I lose. It is because of the way I bet and the discipline I have to walk away from the table when I start to lose. You can join me, or join the ranks of the broke and disgusted. It's YOUR call. To YOUR Gambling Success, How to Start Winning at Blackjack The Way to Play Blackjack Just Like a Pro and Win Big Playing Blackjack: How the House Rules Affect Your Odds Why Smart live casino online Blackjack - If You Really Want to Win Big Time.

Some Facts About Counting Cards in Blackjack - From a Casino Blackjack Dealer Attitude is the Key When Playing Blackjack Blackjack card counting is one of the only guaranteed methods of beating any casino game and it's 100 legal as well, meaning learning this skill is an extremely sought-after thing to have and learn. There are many different methods of learning how to do this -- some more effective than others -- and I'm going to talk about a few of them in this short card counting article. Since the inception of the game of blackjack, people have spent countless hours attempting to learn the skill of card counting in order to cash in big at the expense of the casino. While there have been many methods of doing this over the years, few have been very easy for the average human being to learn.

And smart live casino online we're talking about card counting in this article, I want to stress that we're focusing smart live casino online the legal means of doing this, meaning no electronic aids or other instruments are used in the process. If you are wanting to learn card counting using an electronic aid or other computerised device, please remember that in doing so you are actually breaking the law and can be sent to prison for quite some time for doing so -- not something I can say I would recommend. Counting cards from memory is perfectly legal, however in saying this, if any casino figures out you are counting cards, you'll be thrown out as they really don't like losing a whole lot of money. And before you say "They can't so that if it's legal!", bear in mind that although casinos are government-regulated, they are private property and they can eject you for any reason they like -- in the same reason that you can be denied entry into a nightclub for having the wrong shoes on.

While only learning where the picture cards are means you will lose occasionally, you will still have a sizeable edge over the casino and will always end up coming out on top -- usually with several hundred or thousand dollars extra in your pocket. The other great benefit to losing every now and then is that the casino won't get too suspicious; if you're like the friend I mentioned earlier and are winning just about every single hand, they'll soon figure out something is up and turf you out. The normal card counting secret used to enable the bettor to learn how to count cards is called memory anchoring. This works by embedding the locations of certain cards into your memory using various methods of ensuring you'll be able to recall them.

The most famous method of doing this is one devised by a group of MIT students which was portrayed in the recent movie 21. There are smart live casino online heap of products out there on the 'net that will enable you to learn this method and while I guarantee you'll have to pay for them, the couple of good ones I know of aren't any more than 30-60. When you consider how much this card counting secret can earn you, it's not a very hefty investment at all.

Online casinos offer deposit bonuses to lure new players in. This effectively gives a casino customer some free money from the casino to play with. The catch is, you cannot withdraw any profits (or sometimes even any of your own money) until you wager what can seem like a heck of a lot of money. For example, an online casino might offer a 100 first deposit match to 100 with a minimum wagering requirement of 15 times the deposit plus bonus. So that's 200 x 15 3000 in total bets made before you can cash out. This can take a while to do, especially while making a minimum bet of only 1.

An impatient player will certainly bet more in his pursuit of that tempting bonus money. The problem with that is, the higher you bet the more you are subject to the natural swings of variance (or short-term luck) which reduces the whole endeavor to much more of a gamble. No doubt, this is exactly what the casino offering the bonus is counting on. If a customer plays a low house-edge game, such as blackjack, and can keep making the minimum bet until he or she smart live casino online the bonuses, they are almost certain of being able to cash out most of the bonus as a profit.

(This is because the house edge in online blackjack is only a measly 12 of 1, often less. ) Enter the blackjack bot. This is smart live casino online auto-play program that resides on your computer which plays perfect basic strategy for you. Set it to make the minimum bet, set the maximum number of hands to play in order to correspond with the minimum wagering requirements, and go to bed. The bot does the playing for you and makes bonus-cashing an effortless chore. "The online casinos have to smart live casino online deposit bonuses as part of their marketing, because this is the industry standard and it's expected of them" replied a casino bot user when questioned about the growing use of online bots.

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