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Online Casino Sites - Top 10 rated online casinos for us players: For instance, £5600 is the total betting amount on all the Greyhounds in a race. The betting exchange deducts a small percentage from the total amount of the betting money. The percentage taken by betting exchanges varies among organizations. Consider that betting exchanges take 5 of the total betting money.

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The opposite can also be true, so be sure to study these Top 10 rated online casinos for us players and look for at least a course win. Jockey Strike Rate -The Racing Post paper if you care to take five minutes, will highlight almost any statistic that you need to check with regards any race in the UK on any day. No matter how strong the selection looks, no matter how well backed or tipped. If the jockey on-board only has a 2-47 strike rate at the track learn to leave well alone. This is such a vital condition, like pro golfers that perform at certain courses.

Some are able to judge and ride with more ability and therefore success at certain tracks. Ideally you want to see at Top 10 rated online casinos for us players a fifteen percent strike rate at the course Top 10 rated online casinos for us players your chosen race. Trainer Strike Rate - Trainers are able to ready their horses more for some tracks than they are others due to the land and training facilities they own and therefore how they are able to train. It stands to reason that a trainer that trains his or her horses around steep turns is more likely to ready winners at tight and turning tracks such as Chester and Windsor.

Always look for the relevant trainer stat at any track, again below fifteen percent learn to leave alone. Travellers Check. With the costs involved moving livestock around the country in specialised vehicles the stables sending out just one runner over two hundred miles need to be looked at seriously. It is very easy with the cost of fuel these days for a northern trainer to go home with a net loss if they do not pick up the winners purse. A trainer travelling horses over two hundred miles needs to be taken seriously as they certainly are sending out runners with intent.

Some of the above may seem glaringly obvious as all are well known yardsticks. If however you manage to ingrain these conditions into your deep subconscious you will better armed than before when it comes to successfully betting on horse racing. If any one of these statistics appears in the negative you will learn well to leave these selections alone and enjoy more consistent and fruitful betting. If you enjoy sports gambling you probably do a lot of betting on college basketball.

You also know that in some ways it's easier to handicap college games because there are fewer players involved than in football and the scoring is much higher. However, betting college basketball can also be a real challenge because a factor like an injury to a key player can make a greater impact in a basketball game then in football or baseball. Often the information you need to is not readily available in your morning newspaper. If you do your betting on college basketball through a good sportsbook you'll have access to the all of the information you need and the recommendations of top rated experts.

These experts look at more than just the betting odds and betting lines. They analyze the data behind the odds and lines and make their recommendations on the basis of the latest information about the teams ad players. When betting on college basketball you can rely on these experts to help you decide who to bet on and how much to bet. One thing that the experts look at is the against the spread record (ATS) record of teams. You don't want to be betting on college basketball when the teams you like have dismal records when it comes to beating the spread. After all, sports' betting is all about having the best chance of winning. Why Top 10 rated online casinos for us players get the edge you need from a good sportsbook and then enjoy your betting.

Professional SEO. He helps a number of online gambling sites like Sports Betting One of the perks of betting on horse races, instead of betting at a casino, is that you are betting against the other players and not the race track itself, right. Yes and no. Did you ever wonder what is really happening and where your money is going. I know they show you the pool totals, but is that really everything that is bet on the race. First of all, it's called pari-mutuel wagering and means that all the money wagered is placed in a single pool for each bet.

The race track takes out a certain amount known as the vig and pays the winners with what's left. The race track is allowed to round the amounts off so that it is easier to make the payments. It's called breakage. It is another way the track gets to put a nickel or two in its pocket at the player's expense. So the vig and breakage are guaranteed no matter who wins and who loses and the race track always gets its cut before the winner's get what's left. You may think of the takeout as a fee that you have to pay in order to enjoy pari-mutuel wagering or as a bet that the race track never loses.

It is unfair to lay it all at the race track's feet however, because the state and local municipalities often get a healthy chunk of that money, too. So what actually happens when you make a bet is that the money is instantly divided and you instantly lose part of your money. That 20 or whatever it may be is gone and you are left with a fraction of your money wagered on whatever your bet may have been. If race tracks were required to show the figures to you along with the pool totals, it would change everything.

If the bettors saw how much of their money was taken out and gone on every race, they might start looking for a better game. Now don't get me wrong, I love horse racing and handicapping, but I also don't like having the odds stacked so heavily against me that I have no chance of coming out ahead. Part of the mechanism that makes gambling work is the illusion of winning or having a chance to win. In casinos they use chips instead of money. If you were playing blackjack, for instance, and instead of placing a chip on the table, had to reach into your pocket and pull out a 20 bill, you might bet differently and probably less. When the dealer reached across the table and scooped up you 20 bill or a small stack of them when you lost each hand, you probably would soon leave the table, Top 10 rated online casinos for us players.

That is one of the reasons that casinos use chips and another reason that race tracks show pool totals but never mention the vig and what you are paying for each bet.

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