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The other version is known as American roulette, which was invented at a later time in the United States. First we'll talk a little bit about the European top online casinos bonus, sometimes known as French Roulette as well. This game essentially consists of a wheel, where the ball is thrown into by the croupier (dealer), and a table where bets are placed by the many people playing the game top online casinos bonus the same time. The numbers range from 1-36 and each is assigned a red or black color. This means there is an equal number of black and red numbers, odd and even numbers as well as high and low numbers which range from the low (1-17) and high ends (18-36). Then there top online casinos bonus a single green slot with the number zero.

This is known as the "single zero". Basically this green spot is sometimes known as the "house number" because it forces a small house edge into the game. Otherwise if you were to bet on black or red, the odds top online casinos bonus be 5050 that the ball would land on red or black. Essentially the same odds as betting on whether a coin will be flipped and land on heads or tails. This single green zero slot adds top online casinos bonus 37th pocket in the wheel that the ball can land on. So the odds of the ball landing in red or black are slightly less than half. Every once in awhile, the ball will land on green and anyone who bets on red or black will all lose to the casino's house. In face, the house has a 2.

70 house edge because of this single green "0" spot on the roulette wheel. Now, in the early to mid 19th century, this game slowly made it's way westward from it's origins in the southern United States, which was the French Quarters of New Orleans Louisiana. More and more people were migrating out west in search for gold back in the good old gold rush days of the 1800's. Casinos found lush profits in the old western gold rush towns, but they weren't satisfied. They saw top online casinos bonus much money and gold everywhere and they wanted to make some extra profits like everyone else in these towns.

This is how American roulette was born and how it's name originated. American roulette is exactly the same as European roulette except for the addition of an extra green slot, known as "double zero" or "00" on the wheel. This added a 38th slot on the wheel and kept everything else the same. All this did was make a larger profit margin for the casinos. In fact, the house edge is exactly 5. 26 on this new American version of the game, which is nearly twice as large as the European version. All this did was ensure that players would lose more money and a quicker pace.

In fact, there is absolutely no advantage to playing this variety of the game over European roulette. Many people do not realize the difference between the top online casinos bonus games. Many folks in the US will play on the American roulette wheel instead of the European one just as a fanfare and national pride of the name. Unfortunately, many casinos in the US may only have the American version of the game. Ironically, it is almost unheard of to see an American roulette table anywhere else in the world except in the US. If you go to a land based casino or play online, you should check to see if they have a European wheel and play on these instead.

My website is entirely dedicated to roulette and you can learn about strategy, roulette wheels, tips and other guides at: lol Roulette. Also, read more about roulette top online casinos bonus our Roulette Blog. European roulette wheels only as your chances of winning are greater. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to play American roulette, unless you want worse odds and less chance of winning. European Roulette is as much fun as American roulette and the only difference is the double zero that makes the odds worse on the American wheel. Lets look at why and how to play Roulette and make some money with the odds in your favour. The house edge American roulette, wheels have 38 slots with "0" and "00".

The European version has 37 slots with only "0". So what difference does this make to the odds of success. With the extra zero in American roulette, the house has a 5. 3 advantage where as with European roulette; the house has just a 2. 7 advantage. So why play American roulette when the house edge is almost double. Roulette is a game of chance In any game of chance playing either European or American roulette, the house edge is the house edge and cannot be altered. Keep in mind roulette is a pure game of chance and a roulette ball has no memory if the ball falls on black once or fifty times the chances of it falling on black next time are 50 - 50.

So, we can see that with fixed odds in a game of chance the best we can do is get the odds in our favor as much as possible, that means never playing American Roulette only European. Getting the odds in your favor We have already seen that by playing different wheels that we can get the odds against us down, however we can get the odds down even further if we know how to bet. So what are the best bets to place. As it's a game of chance you want the bets with the best odds of paying out and these tend to be bets that have the low payouts and mirror the stake. For example betting on red black odd even. Top online casinos bonus you will win about 45 of the time, making it a very good way to bet that will maximize your bankroll.

The best bet with the best odds Another advantage of European over American Roulette is the opportunity to place the bet below which has the best odds of any bet and therefore gives you the best chance of winning. The bet 'en prison. ' Is the best to place and works like this: When you make an even money bet and the ball hits on zero, you don't lose your bet. Instead, your bet is 'imprisoned' and you carry it forward to the next play If your bet wins, you remove it from the table.

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